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The Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) was created in 1977 by the Ohio General Assembly. The committee consists of five State Representatives and five State Senators. JCARR's primary function is to review proposed new, amended, and rescinded rules from over 100 agencies to ensure they do not exceed the rule-making authority granted to them by the General Assembly. JCARR can make a recommendation to invalidate all or part of the rule if it makes any of the following findings:
  • The rule exceeds the scope of the agency's statutory authority;
  • The rule conflicts with the legislative intent of the statute under which it is proposed;
  • The rule conflicts with another proposed or existing rule;
  • The rule incorporates a text or other material by reference and either the citation does not reasonably make the material readily available without charge or the agency incorrectly determined under division (B) of ORC 121.75 that the material was exempt from statutory requirements governing incorporation by reference (ORC 121.71 to 121.74);
  • The agency has failed to prepare a complete and accurate rule summary and fiscal analysis of the rule as required by ORC 106.024;
  • If the rule has an adverse impact on business (ORC 107.52), the agency has failed to demonstrate through the business impact analysis, recommendations from the Common Sense Initiative office, and the agency's memorandum of response, that the regulatory intent of the rule justifies its adverse impact on business;
  • If the agency is subject to ORC 121.95, 121.951, 121.952, and 121.953, the agency has failed to justify the proposed adoption, amendment, or rescission of a rule containing a regulatory restriction; or
  • The rule implements a federal law or rule in a manner that is more stringent or burdensome than the federal law or rule requires.

For more information, please see ORC 106.021.